My name is Gerald Snider.  I want to offer you an opportunity to take advantage of my vast expertise. I have a recruiting service that covers high school and junior college basketball in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennesse.  I have been recruiting basketball players for over 20 years now.  Basketball is a love of mine and I am fortunate enough to be able to do what I love daily. 

I hold individual exposure camps for basketball players in the Mid-South throughout the year.  These camps allow the players to showcase their talents and allow college coaches to make one stop to witness the top talents of the area.  These camps are designed to allow each player to show how quickly they can develop relationships with new team members while continuing to excell in their perspective areas of a team.  Each camp player is showcased with their personal information in a rooster the day of the camp as well as distributed through my service which is subscribed to by over 260 colleges across the nation. 

In addition to the camps, I personally visit high school and junior college basketball games and tournaments throughout the season and report on these as well in my service.  In the last several years I have attended games for over 400 different school teams.  The Mid-South is a "hotbed" for basketball players.  I take pride in making sure that the Mid-South isn't overlooked during recruiting season.

As a lifelong resident of New Albany, Mississippi, I have follwed basketball from the recruiting hotbed of the Mid-South for many years. From this experience and my personal knowledge of hundreds of players, I offer a service of issues to colleges throughout the United States profiling camps, games, and players which I have personal knowledge of. I am always available to answer questions with a touch of the telephone. My number is 662-534-6175 or you can contact me via e-mail at sniderbasketball@yahoo.com.

For the players, I have several camps throughout the year which are very popular with the college coaches. There are camps for players in grades 9 - 11, special camps for unsigned seniors, and even camps for Junior College players wanting to transfer or play for a larger school. These camps are scheduled in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

Please check out my "Camp Information" page for a current listing of upcoming camps!