Previous Camp Attendees
Over the past 20 years of my recruiting career, I have seen a lot of players come and go. Some have done very well for themselves. Just to give you an idea of some of the players that have previously attended my camps, I have compiled a sample list for you to review.

Players:  High School/JC:                   Committed To:

Markel Patterson     Eupora                                   Mississippi State

Brian Williams                Jeff Davis                               University of Alabama

Bart Hyche                     Winfield                                 Mississippi State

Antonio McDycess          Quitman                                Detroit Pistons

Sam Malden                   Shelton State CC                    Wisconsin -Milwaukee

Josh Bryant                    Halton                                    Jacksonville State

Maurice Jones                Johnson                                 Alabama A&M

Sam Buxton                   from Spain                              Missouri - St. Louis

Ronald Nored                  Homewood                             Butler University

Terrence Crump              Shelton State CC                    Purdue University

Curtis Parker                  Shelton State CC                    Murray State

Quatel Woods                Northeast Mississippi CC         NBA

T.J. Billups                     Lanier                                    Mississippi State

Mikhail Torrance              Mary Montgomery                  University of Alabama

Marcus Monk                 East Poinsett                         Arkansas University

Erwin Dudley                  R.C. Hatch                             University of Alabama

Randy Hughes                Swainsboro                            Auburn

Adrian Allen                    Milton                                    University of Florida

Jermaine Mallett             Marion Military                        Missouri State

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