Shoot-A-Way Information
Hello There,

As you know, I have been recruiting high school and junior college basketball players for colleges of all divisions across the United States for over 20 years now.  As I have scouted players from the "hot bed" of the Mid-South, I have had the opportunity to watch many practices, tournaments, shoot-outs, etc.  Because of the knowledge that I have obtained over my many years of scouting, I have been approached by many coaches and players to help them achieve their dreams, whether that just be an increase in completed baskets, a winning season, or individual dreams of playing for a particular school or professional team. 

I am really excited about some products that have become available to help all of their dreams come true.  These products can help teams perfect and strengthen their abilities.  I believe so much in these products, I have recently become the Mississippi representative of the Shoot-A-Way Corporation.  Shoot-A-Way manufactures equipment that can help fair players become good players and good players become great players. 

Having seen these products in action and the resulting improvements in the play of multiple teams who utilized this equipment, I am very excited to be a part of this company and to be able to make this equipment available to you.

I would like to introduce you to 2 pieces of equipment from the Shoot-A-Way Corporation:  The Gun and The Dominator.  Each of these pieces of equipment are highly useful. 

The Gun is a machine designed to multiply and intensify any teams shooting ability.  It is great for unlimited shooting practice which causes muscle memory through repetition.  You can customize each session by making some minor adjustments.  You can choose the speed at which passes zip out of the machine (up to 1800 per hour), adjust the throwing distance from 15-35 feet and select from 3 different modes of return passes from stationary to constant motion.  There is also an adjustable time delay between passes, an adjustable height net, and it swivels 180 degrees to deliver full perimeter shooting.  The best part is, it will plug into any standard electrical outlet.  That means, no battery packs and no new wiring to be able to utilize your equipment. It is a one-piece construction so there is nothing to take apart.  When you are finished, just roll it away.  All of this means that you can forget time restraints.  Now a player can get as many reps as they can handle in just a fraction of the time.  This will result in: quick feet, soft hands, rapid release, shooting with an arch (permanently) and building muscle memory.  This is a great shooting station.  On average, teams have had 7-10% increase in shooting.  Those are amazing results!

The Dominator (Deluxe) is a complete post station designed to assist teams in improving footwork, verticals, strength, balance, timing and stamina.  With this system, you can make dominating the paint your #1 priority.  These posts are designed to offer resistance from 10-300 lbs and have arms that can be adjusted from 7-11 feet to simulate different sized opponents.  In addition, each pad swivels 45 degrees to deliver life-like post feel.  The exclusive shotblocker pads teach players to finish with contact.  The quick and easy set-up takes less than a minute and it is also easily taken down and stored.  It's compact size allows it to roll through any standard doorway.  It is great piece of versatile equipment. 

For more information on this company and its' equipment, please contact me directly.  You can reach me via email at or via phone at 662-534-6175.

I will be able to get you on the road to a better overall game, more competitive players with increased skills, and therefore, more wins.  Join our winning team, proven by coaches across the United States.  Call and let me introduce you to the Shoot-A-Way Corporation, their great equipment, and what it can do for your team TODAY!

Gerald Snider, Basketball Recruiter and Mississippi Representative of the Shoot-A-Way Corporation

Here are just a couple testimonials from some very satisfied customers:

South Christian High School - Ken Hiskes - Head Coach
Grand Rapids, Michigan - Class B State Champions - 2003 and 2005
“There is no question in my mind that the Gun has played a significant role in our success. Several kids average 3000 shots per week”.

Blackhawk High School - Coach John Miller
Four Time State Champs - 64-1 in Two Years
“Using the Guns has been a valuable asset in building our program’s winning tradition.”

Berlin Hiland H.S. - Coach Dave Schlabach
Our program has a total of 7 Guns (3 in our gym, 2 off-site and 2 more at player's homes) available to our kids. In our program it is all about skill development and that comes about through repetition. Our players average between 25,000 - 50,000 shots in May, June & July. This would not be possible without our Guns."

Nick Guida - 2007 Boys Basketball State Champions
AAAA Coach of the Year - Buffalo, MN
Our improved success as a program has increased each year due to the fact we were able to shoot higher percentages from the floor.  We've increased our 3 pt shooting percentage from 33% as a team 2 years ago to over 40% as a team in our championship season.  We also shoot 52% from 2 as a team.  These shooting percentages directly relate to our game-like workouts and added repetition that our Gun shooting machines offer.

Notre Dame Prep, Scottsdale Arizona
4AII State Champions, 27-5
Matt Harris-4AII Coach of the Year (Arizona Coaches Association)
Our shooting percentages from 2FG's and 3FG's have improved 10% during the last two year's since we began our workouts with the machine. This past
season our team shot 37% from the 3pt. line with our best shooter hitting 49%
from the arc. It was a very easy decision to order our 2nd Gun!